The First Minutes of the HCC Were taken by none other than Celebrity Writer PG Wodehouse.

Hollywood Cricket Club was founded in 1932 by Sir C. Aubrey “Round the Corner” Smith. Club’s By-Laws were passed by the committee on January 20, 1932 and were approved on February 18, 1932.

Brief History of Sir Aubrey Smith.

Sir Aubrey Smith was born July 21, 1863 in St. Stephen’s Hospital. As time went by he became serious soccer player, but his real desire was to play cricket.

Sir Aubrey Smith, an opening brisk fast-medium bowler, played for Charterhouse, Cambridge, Sussex and England. He debut in 1882 for Sussex County Cricket Club and was Captain in 1887, 1888, and 1890. He also was the Captain of two England Touring Sides (to Australia and South Africa). As a finale, Sir Aubrey named his house at 2881 Coldwater Canyon Drive, near the junction with Mulholland Drive, “The Round Corner.”

Created a C.B.E in 1938 at Buckingham Palace, he went there again in 1944 to receive a knighthood from the King. Sir Charles Aubrey Smith, famous cricketer and film actor died in Beverly Hills on December 20th, 1948.

He will always be remembered by Hollywood Cricket Club.